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Careers at Oerlikon

Learn more about career opportunities and types of roles available at Oerlikon.

Careers at Oerlikon

Oerlikon is more than a global powerhouse of industrial innovation; we are a home for those looking for a career with a purpose.

We believe that our people are the most valuable part of our company. Oerlikon employees positively impact millions around the world through our work on technology that make people’s lives better. We are involved in extending tool and engine life in aerospace and the automotive industry, 3D printing in the medical, defense and automotive sectors,  and you may even be wearing clothes produced with our technology.

Beyond personal development opportunities and excellent challenges, Oerlikon is a very attractive company for those who wish to develop their international perspectives and make global connections. With the goal of being the safest company in the world, we also take pride in ensuring secure and attractive working conditions, making our firm an amazing place to work.

Looking for experts

You’ve been focusing on developing your professional skills for years. What better way to reward yourself then by solving some of the most important challenges of our day with the top company in innovative surface technologies. Technology drives constant change, and at Oerlikon our technical experts are at the forefront, driving manufacturing advancements.

In addition to enjoying tremendous growth potential, great respect, recognition and rewards, our experts are free to innovate and partner with some of the best minds around the globe. Our culture revolves around our core values: team spirit, integrity, excellence and innovation. Our people are passionate about what they do and enjoy making a difference.

Are you ambitious and want to drive the future? Check out our job listings and welcome to Oerlikon!


Choosing where to start or continue your career can be a tough decision. You want to align yourself with a successful, innovative global player in manufacturing, but naturally you want to select the right company!  For over 100 years Oerlikon has been the perfect place for manufacturing professionals to take their first steps in a global company or to continue their career growth.

As a global technology group, we are a constantly looking for ways to support ambitious students who want to make a difference and to leverage their knowledge and outstanding new ideas!  Oerlikon is perfectly positioned to support your growth, whether you are completing an internship or just starting out, ready to make your mark in innovation.


Completing a degree and looking for more practical experience in the industrial sector?  We offer several options, including general and specialized (applied sciences) three to six month internships for students and recent graduates. 

Graduate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

Interested in completing a graduate, bachelor’s or master’s thesis while supporting a top manufacturing company?  Oerlikon supports our highly qualified professionals in furthering their education in many fields, including engineering, business administration and the natural or social sciences.


You worked hard, finished school are ready to apply all you have learned and have the passion to achieve!  If you believe you have what it takes to help shape the future, Oerlikon has many opportunities for vocational training at our facilities around the globe.  We believe our employees are the key to our success and investing in training and development is an essential aspect of our corporate culture.

If you’re ready for your next challenge, vocational training at Oerlikon can be the perfect start to a successful career!  Choosing Oerlikon is more than just choosing where to work, it’s about maximizing your potential.

Come see what we’re all about!

University graduates

As you launch or continue your career, do you find you are the curious, innovative, entrepreneurial, and driven type who wants to make a difference? Oerlikon offers graduate and the horizons programs to bring talented emerging professionals together with innovative mentors and craft game-changing solutions. The fact is, top people belong at the forefront with top companies. Gain global exposure with a true manufacturing leader while refining your skills through amazing and innovative projects!

All you need is to bring your motivation, passion and energy to Oerlikon, where we continue to reach beyond horizons in a two-year rotational program for innovative future leaders or perhaps a program focused on R&D or business leadership.

Information on functions and roles


Our market-leading high-tech applications are designed for growth markets such as the automotive industry, aerospace, energy, the tooling industry and additive manufacturing. At Oerlikon, you’ll have the chance to develop industry-transforming technologies and work in areas that will change the world.

Research and Development (R&D)

The success of our business is built on solid ground. Our extensive, coordinated efforts and investment in R&D ensure that we are always ready to meet the changing challenges of various markets and our customers’ requirements. Come join us and see what happens when we combine our top minds with Oerlikon technology!


Oerlikon produces innovative technologies and products to make the world of tomorrow a better place. Aside from our customers’ requirements, our approach to manufacturing also focuses on efficient use of resources and sustainable processes.  Be at your best and help our team define quality, innovation and excellence!

HR Management

Meeting some of our world’s most important challenges requires world-class support, and our team’s expertise and dedication are what make this possible. Bring your excellent people skills to new levels, supporting our leaders in finding, developing and engaging the talent that makes Oerlikon one of the top companies in the world!


Our goal is to do our part to make the world a better place. We not only require innovative solutions for the markets of the future, but also a solid financial base. Well-founded analyses from the experts on our team provide the prerequisites for strategic decisions, and the planning and implementation of projects that change the world!  Perhaps you see yourself supporting our team and our leaders?

Marketing and Communications

Our mission? Having a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. We send that message across the globe through as many channels as possible. Our current and potential customers should always keep our company, our brands and what we offer in mind. If your desire is to work alongside some of the very best marketing and communication experts, come and join our team!

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